Meet the ETERNAL SPARK Crew: Chief Stew Caroline Ashworth

During the final stages of preparation, before motor yacht ETERNAL SPARK is finally launched, Caroline Ashworth is already comfortable with her role as the chief stewardess aboard this fantastic yacht. I sat down with Caroline so I could better understand the challenges of being a chief stew on a yacht that is still under construction, as well as learn more about the general outlines of her job.

Can you please introduce yourself and share a bit about your background in yachting? How did you get from where you were before, to being a chief stewardess and a part of the motor yacht ETERNAL SPARK crew? 

Hi, I’m Caroline. I’ve been yachting for almost 6 years now. I joined the industry with my best friend at age 26 after nine years of working as a professional dancer. Throughout my dancing career, my love for travel and adventure led me to pursue yachting. I have worked on boats from 40-74m and have been a Chief Stew for the past 3 years.

As the chief stewardess, what are your main responsibilities during the final stages of the yacht’s construction in Istanbul?

My main responsibility at this stage is to ensure everything required for the interior has been ordered, purchased and accounted for before we launch. This includes all crew and laundry areas, uniforms and anything guest-related to guarantee a smooth season ahead.

eternal spark yacht charter exterior view (2)
ETERNAL SPARK Yacht – Birds Eye View

What are your expectations for the role once the yacht is completed?

My expectation for the role once launched is to run a well-trained interior team where our experience, teamwork and passion for our jobs will contribute to a successful charter season.

In terms of guest experience, do you have any plans for adding a personal touch or unique elements that you plan to bring to motor yacht ETERNAL SPARK?

Our goal is to make each group of guests feel like their experience with us is one of a kind. We have created a fantastic signature cocktail for Eternal Spark and plan to add many special touches to make their stay with us unforgettable.

Tell me more about your current involvement in the selection and presentation of crew uniforms.

I am in the process of selecting samples of uniforms and putting together a presentation for the team. Some items will come from uniform suppliers while others will be custom-made.

Eternal Spark Crew - chief stewardess, Bilgin HQ

Having done this on a few previous yachts, I love the process of selecting colours, styles and materials and then seeing the final uniform look come together.

In terms of itinerary organization, reservations, and general administration on board motor yacht ETERNAL SPARK, will the chief stewardess be involved in these aspects? How is the coordination handled within the crew?

Yes, I will definitely be involved when it comes to general admin for guests and crew. It is my job to ensure all preferences for our guests have been ordered and catered for as well as all crew supplies. Although a lot of the admin and planning is done by HOD’s, all crew play an important role in the general organization of the program.

In the context of your role as chief stew, what aspect of motor yacht ETERNAL SPARK do you find most appealing and why?

I love the uniqueness of ETERNAL SPARK! The interior is stunning, and I feel so proud to be a part of it all from the beginning. I know everyone who comes on board will be wow-ed by what she has to offer, and I am so excited to share that with our guests.

Since the crew is currently sharing quarters in Istanbul, how would you describe the relationships among the team? Tell me more about the early morning gym sessions I have heard about from the captain. 

It has been a fun few weeks settling into life in Istanbul. We go to the gym in the Marina near Bilgin HQ most mornings before work, although it is starting to get colder and much harder to get up. 😉 We have found some great local restaurants and have done some exploring of the main city centre. Us girls are also loving the shopping here!


Since the conversation between Caroline and I happened just as she was busy picking out the colour themes for the linens and crew uniforms, I thanked her for her time and wished her luck in her many tasks before the launch of motor yacht ETERNAL SPARK.

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