ETERNAL SPARK Yacht Chains, Cutlery & Calibration

Every element on ETERNAL SPARK is carefully considered to provide an exceptional charter experience, from the painting of the shackles that enhance anchoring precision to the exquisite cutlery that elevates dining experiences. ETERNAL SPARK is poised to redefine the charter experience, immersing guests in a world of luxury, elegance, and refined craftsmanship.

As ETERNAL SPARK yacht takes shape, her distinctive features and refined details are gradually coming together, creating a charter vessel like no other. The work on the anchor chain, the arrival of cutlery and other provisions, and all the high-tech equipment that arrived in her wheelhouse all point to her launch in the near future.

Anchoring with Precision: Anchor Chain Painting

Anchoring is a crucial aspect of yachting, ensuring the vessel’s stability and safety while at rest. For ETERNAL SPARK yacht,  the precision of anchoring is paramount, given her commitment to charter experiences that are nothing short of exceptional.

Eternal Spark Anchor chain painting (2)
As part of the ongoing construction process, the anchor chain is being painted to distinguish its shackles, enabling the crew to operate the anchor with unmatched accuracy.
Why do the shackles need painting?
When the crew are in the process of berthing or anchoring, the shackles on the chain all look the same, and it is hard to distinguish the length of the chain in the water, which is important for safety. Every colour represents a part of the anchor chain`s total length, and each colour serves as a visual point of reference. For example, the red segment represents the last 10 meters of a chain`s length. Not only does this enhance the yacht’s functionality, but it also serves as a reminder for the crew to always be diligent about the anchoring process.

Dining with Elegance: A Culinary Symphony

ETERNAL SPARK yacht is set to redefine the charter experience, and an integral part of this is ensuring that guests are treated to culinary delights that tantalize their taste buds and create lasting memories.

Eternal Spark Cutlery and other related provisions (1)
As provisions, equipment and cutlery start to arrive in greater number, the crew are already hard at work, visualizing the guest experience

As part of the ship’s provisioning, a selection of exquisite cutlery has been carefully curated, ensuring that every meal onboard is a culinary symphony.

Eternal Spark Cutlery and other related provisions (2)
The cutlery used on ETERNAL SPARK yacht will relate to her uniqueness, which sets up new conventions in dining experiences on yachts

The cutlery, meticulously crafted from high-quality stainless steel, exudes elegance and sophistication, perfectly complementing the yacht’s luxurious ambience. Each piece is designed to enhance the dining experience, ensuring that guests savour every bite of their meals.

Eternal Spark Cutlery and other related provisions (5)
Every aspect of ETERNAL SPARK yacht has a designated theme, which points to the meticulously detailed concept of this incredible vessel

Starboard Nametag and Helm Station Finishing Touches

While the anchor chains and cutlery ensure functionality and culinary excellence, the finishing touches are what truly elevate the yacht’s design and ambience.

Recently, the team adorned ETERNAL SPARK’s starboard side with her name, emblazoned in gleaming chrome and creating a striking visual statement that perfectly complements the yacht’s sleek lines.

Eternal Spark Aft name and wheelhouse (1)
ETERNAL SPARK`s name will stand proudly as a testament to the incredible craftsmanship of this luxurious yacht

Inside, the helm station is gradually taking shape, with the central station console now assembled. This intricate piece of engineering, with its sleek lines and high-tech features, will serve as the command centre for ETERNAL SPARK’s voyages, ensuring that she navigates the waters with confidence and precision.

Eternal Spark wheelhouse
ETERNAL SPARK`s wheelhouse, the beating heart of the yacht, has received most of its navigational equipment

A Collaborative Effort

Behind the scenes of ETERNAL SPARK’s construction, Hot Lab and Unique Yacht Design, the masterminds behind Eternal Spark’s outstanding exterior and interior design, have also been instrumental in bringing this extraordinary yacht to life.

Their shared vision and meticulous attention to detail have resulted in a creation that is both visually stunning and functionally impeccable.

ETERNAL SPARK Yacht: A Charter Yacht Like No Other

As ETERNAL SPARK yacht progresses through construction, her distinctive features and refined details are gradually taking shape.

eternal spark search cover

With Hot Lab, and Unique Yacht design at her helm, ETERNAL SPARK yacht is poised to redefine the charter experience, immersing guests in a world of luxury, elegance, and refined craftsmanship.

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