Interior Accommodation Aboard ETERNAL SPARK

No matter where you find yourself on the ETERNAL SPARK interior, you will be surrounded by the same high-quality design elements and natural materials, witnessing a unique, subtle, and sophisticated aesthetic that is consistent in every corner of this impressive vessel.

As you step aboard the luxurious ETERNAL SPARK yacht, you will encounter an experience that can only be described as cosmically harmonious. This unique vessel, the brainchild of the brilliant minds at Unique Yacht Design and Hotlab Milano, as well as Bilgin Yachs and SuperYachts Croatia, invites you on an unparalleled journey through the aesthetics and luxury of Eternal Spark interior design.

Upon the first footfall, you confront a visual symphony of natural elements, sophisticatedly incorporated within the interior space. Masterfully blending components such as wood, stone, brass, and leather with the vibrancy of unopposed natural elements, the designers have crafted an ambience that evokes a sense of home. Allos the water to lead you through spaces where your eyes feast on the spectacular seascape through expansive windows.

Every detail is meticulously considered and strategically placed, creating an atmosphere that is both sophisticated and relaxed, while always reminding you that you are anchored amidst grand nature. Interconnected aesthetic elements are key to fostering a sense of harmony and unity. None of the guests will ever feel that their accommodation is less luxurious than the others. This means that each guest accommodation features all the elements present in every other cabin, thereby creating a unique and continuous narrative of luxury throughout the vessel.

No matter where you find yourself on the ETERNAL SPARK interior, you will be surrounded by the same high-quality design elements and natural materials, witnessing a unique, subtle, and sophisticated aesthetic that is consistent in every corner of this impressive vessel.

Welcome aboard the ETERNAL SPARK yacht, where accommodation is more than merely a place to stay – it is an experience that will forever be etched in your memory.

Main deck salon and dining area

Stepping inside, the main deck of ETERNAL SPARK yacht unfurls a tapestry of boundless luxury. The open layout crafts an illusion of infinity, a space stretching seamlessly towards the bow, extending a perpetual embrace towards the azure Mediterranean.

The salon’s heart comprises two main realms, an inviting lounging section and a dining area, subtly segregated by an enchanting decorative divider. Occupying both the port and starboard sides of the lounge section are two elongated sofas, accented by complementary armchairs and a captivating coffee table, a blend of the finest stone and texturized wood, sculpting an impression that leaves spectators breathless.

The aesthetic symphony of the salon is a testament to the artistry of textures. A myriad of shapes and materials weave a rich, vibrant tapestry. Despite the constant visual dynamism, the design narrative maintains a refined sense of luxury, avoiding the temptation to veer into the realm of kitsch.

The pure white leather upholstery of the sofas echoes in the white ceiling panels, while a ceiling mirror reflects the unique coffee table, an irregular piece born from wood and marble. A texturized woollen carpet merges effortlessly with the lounging area’s colour palette, crafting a subtle demarcation from the dining area and adding a comforting touch underfoot.

The large windows enhance the salon’s allure, offering unbroken vistas of the Croatian Adriatic horizon, bathing the interior in natural light, and accentuating the design elements. Challenging the conventions of yacht interior design, ETERNAL SPARK’s creators installed not one but two pop-up TVs in the salon, facilitating simultaneous viewing of diverse programs, fostering a dynamic entertainment milieu.

The lounge segues gracefully into the dining space, courtesy of a striking decorative feature. The dining table, an opulent centrepiece, can comfortably accommodate all guests onboard ETERNAL SPARK yacht.

Despite being sparingly used, because guests often prefer al fresco dining, the indoor dining area is a testament to contemporary yacht interior design. The expansive table sits atop a blend of wood and marble, a design feature meant to elevate the dining experience through optical illusion.

The cool underfoot sensation of wood and stone is especially refreshing during the summer months. Suspended above the table, a chandelier of crystal strings forms an ethereal oval, bathing the dining area in a captivating light show, as beams refract off countless crystals. Mirrors flank the dining area on the portside and starboard side, a network of densely packed wooden grid patterns creating an illusion of larger space.

eternal spark yacht tv in the main salon


Venturing several steps on the starboard side of the main deck salon, guests transition from the dining space into the main deck foyer. This foyer, far from mundane, raises the bar for yacht design with its unique approach to natural light dynamics.

An opening in the ceiling – the glass floor of the sundeck jacuzzi above – floods the foyer with sunlight, illuminating its crystalline surfaces and casting light into every corner. The radiant foyer leaves an indelible impression on guests as they traverse the yacht’s deck.

The foyer offers multiple paths: guests can step into the portside galley to observe the master chef’s culinary finesse, ascend to the bridge deck, descend to the lower deck, or continue along the starboard corridor to the main deck master suite.

Before moving on, guests can freshen up in the day head located starboard, just before the suite – one of four such facilities in ETERNAL SPARK`s interior.

eternal spark yacht stairway in the lobby

Main Deck Master Suite

To access the main deck master suite, guests traverse the starboard side office, a versatile space providing a tranquil nook for reading, writing, or working. This space doubles as a passageway into the suite’s main component – the bedroom.

Centrally aligned along the yacht’s centerline for optimum stability, a king-size berth offers guests a peaceful night’s rest, flanked by nightstands on either side. A day bed occupies the port side of the cabin, while a small table and comfortable armchairs are found to starboard.

Tucked away behind the berth on the port side is a spacious walk-in closet. Beyond the berth, guests discover the ensuite, divided into separate compartments for him and her by a grand rainfall shower and steam combination.

The design of the master suite is a study of maximal visual dynamism of yacht interior design. It employs a subtle palette of light grey and beige, punctuated by elements of dark blue and aquamarine found predominantly in the berth linens and decorative cushions strewn around the suite.

Floor-to-ceiling windows create a visual continuity between the suite and the surrounding sea, fulfilling the designer’s intention of harmoniously integrating the natural elements within the yacht’s environment.

An eccentric oval mirror, positioned above the berth, provides additional illumination and aids in scattering natural light. An aquamarine artwork over the berth’s headspace and a large mirror with an embedded TV completes the ensemble. The latter allows an unimpeded viewing experience from the comfort of the king-size berth while maintaining a clean aesthetic.

In the master ensuite, guests will marvel at the intricate luxury features of ETERNAL SPARK yacht. The majority of surfaces are swathed in white marble, with special attention paid to mirror details, embedded with LED lights and framed with aquamarine mosaics, the recurring motif throughout the yacht’s ensuites. An embedded magnifying mirror, a recent yachting trend, asserts ETERNAL SPARK’s up-to-date build and commitment to satisfying a diverse range of charter clients.

eternal spark interior master suite

Bridge Deck Salon

With meticulous precision, the bridge deck salon aboard the ETERNAL SPARK yacht adroitly juxtaposes grandeur with a homely touch. A testament to refined craftsmanship, the space is adorned with not one but two luxurious, L-shaped lounges.

The lounges, tucked away in the portside and starboard corners, introduce a sense of expansiveness, seemingly extending the sky lounge’s dimensions. Yet, they bear more than just aesthetics: they conceal a remarkable feature. The lounges are entirely modular, capable of transforming into an awe-inspiring setting for spectacular entertainment.

Picture this: the sofas merge, and a cinema screen unfurls from its hideaway in the ceiling, instantly metamorphosing the lounge into a private viewing room. Whether the occasion calls for a cozy family movie night or an adrenaline-fueled viewing of a sports finale, the setting rises to the occasion; also all the blinds can come down to create a pitch black atmosphere, perfect for movie-watching.

Ensuring an uninterrupted flow of refreshments is the strategically located bar on the starboard side. Thanks to the diligent charter crew and the optimally placed bridge deck pantry equipped with a dumbwaiter, service remains swift and seamless, a veritable ballet of efficiency.

The sky lounge also attends to practical considerations. The presence of a day head on the portside ensures that the immersive viewing experience is never marred by urgent trips to lower deck cabins. The place is ideal for freshening up after savouring the provided snacks.

Architecturally, the bridge deck salon draws substantial design inspiration from the main deck salon. This continuity is evident in the shared motifs and the central floor’s details where a simple yet elegant wood and marble mosaic holds the eye. This decor is delicately encased in a plush light grey shaggy woollen carpet, adding a tactile dimension to the visual feast.

The salon does not fall short of natural light either. Floor-to-ceiling windows ensure an influx of daylight, bathing the lounge and providing an elevated panorama for guests. The controlled temperature environment offers a respite from the summer heat, all while basking in the bounty of sunlight.

The brilliance of the sky lounge aboard ETERNAL SPARK yacht is not limited to the interior alone. Stepping out, guests can venture into the foyer, which offers access to the sundeck. This area, with its array of high-tech amenities, brings the promise of a truly bespoke experience of yacht interior design – a quintessential backdrop for a 5-star holiday in Croatia.

eternal spark yacht sky lounge

Lower Deck Cabins

The lower deck of the ETERNAL SPARK interior is a testament to the opulent design, meticulously planned to provide the ultimate in comfort and refinement. This enchanting deck, an articulation of lavish leisure and functional design, accommodates five resplendent cabins: three double cabins, each reflecting a sense of serene grandeur, and two twin cabins, charming in their delightful appeal.

Nestled in the cozy embrace of the bow, the twin cabins exude an aura of tranquillity. Conversely, the double cabins are located amidship, providing a sense of balance and stability. The deck’s layout is harmoniously symmetrical, housing a full-beam VIP stateroom that is flanked by two regular double cabins, mirrored images of each other. This alignment imparts a sense of calm order, reflecting the perfect balance that defines life at sea.

An aspect that sets ETERNAL SPARK yacht apart is its commitment to comfort, exemplified by the impressive berth sizes. Each berth aboard this exquisite yacht is as grand as or larger than a king-size berth, conforming to the EU standard. This nod to unparalleled luxury assures that each guest’s stay is marked by comfort and relaxation.

VIP Stateroom

The full-beam VIP stateroom stands as a sanctuary of unparalleled luxury and refinement. Bathed in a soothing palette of light rose and accented by rich burgundy overtones, this space offers an invitation to indulge in comfort. Every corner of the VIP stateroom has been thoughtfully designed, featuring a day sofa on the starboard side and a desk with a chair, providing a private enclave for guests to enjoy breakfast or indulge in quiet moments of reflection.

A spacious closet located on the portside offers ample storage and seamlessly leads to the large ensuite. Abundantly infused with natural daylight, the ensuite is a personal sanctuary that houses dual sinks, a head, and an expansive shower cabin. The incorporation of red marble adds a touch of sophistication, visually tying together the stateroom’s aesthetics.

Innovative design elements further enhance the space’s allure. A plush woollen carpet encircles the berth, illuminated by floor LED lights, while an artwork above the berth’s headspace pairs with a mirror adorned with a vertical cage pattern. This ingenious design addition works to create an illusion of greater space, adding depth and intrigue to the room.

eternal spark yacht vip stateroom

Double Cabins

Each double cabin, a mirror image of the other in layout, unfolds a unique design narrative. Each cabin is a world unto itself, curated with minute attention to detail. Both cabins feature expansive ensuites, providing the space’s occupants with a sink, head, and a generous shower cabin.

Both double cabins communicate in their unique colour language, with a light lime theme harmonizing perfectly with the sea view visible through the large windows. This feature, coupled with the charming headspace, offers an immersive experience for the guests.

Mirror surfaces are strategically placed throughout the cabins, layered with a tightly-packed grid that generates an illusion of multiple rooms and doors. This masterstroke of design tricks the observer’s perception, effectively manipulating the dimensions of the space. The cleverly orchestrated illusion leaves first-time observers delightfully puzzled as they strive to decipher the exact measurements of the room.

A continuation of the indulgence of the lower deck, the twin cabins and the beach club, will be explored further in the upcoming segments.

eternal spark yacht double cabin area

Twin Cabins: Where Flexibility Meets Elegance

The twin cabins on the lower deck of the ETERNAL SPARK yacht incorporate a novel design concept, a rarity in the realm of charter vessels. Each berth, typically separated by a nightstand, is mounted on rails. This ingenious feature allows the berths to merge, forming a bespoke double bed. The manoeuvring happens under the nightstand, bypassing it during the transformation, and the unit surfaces on the other side once the adjustment is complete.

The design’s flexibility is a testament to the unique architectural challenges posed by yacht hulls. Angular walls on the lower deck, especially pronounced near the bow, often impede the creation of convertible cabins. The slanted walls make it particularly challenging to craft cabins that emulate the aesthetics of traditional double cabins.

However, the ETERNAL SPARK yacht interior design team have cleverly circumvented this issue by innovating a movable nightstand. This ingenious solution subtly conceals the hull’s angled ribs while maintaining the yacht’s aesthetic appeal, a testament to engineering prowess.

The twin cabin’s ensuite facilities are replete with a sink, a head, and a generously-sized shower cabin. Each cabin boasts its unique colour theme, echoing the yacht’s commitment to individualized aesthetics. The portside twin cabin is coloured in apricot orange. A mirror, strategically positioned behind the berths, adds to the illusion of space.

The starboard wall is adorned with subtle pattern paintings that harmonize with the room’s colour palette. Rectangular windows offer sunlight to infuse the cabin, reflecting off polished and mirror surfaces to create an endless interplay of light and shadow. A TV embedded in the mirror opposite the berth adds to the amenities, allowing guests to unwind with their favourite shows before slumber.

eternal spark yacht twin cabin convertible


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