Exterior Accommodation aboard Eternal Spark yacht

The exterior architecture of ETERNAL SPARK yacht breaks new ground with its exclusive orientation towards the pleasure and enjoyment of the guests. The flowing lines and expansive decks, intertwined with an exceptional layout, allow guests to immerse themselves in a variety of leisure pursuits. This groundbreaking design not only enhances the charter experience but also accentuates the vessel's harmonious relationship with the sea and the horizon, which can be noticed in the interior as well.

ETERNAL SPARK yacht is not merely a vessel; she is a chameleon of luxury, purposefully conceived and meticulously crafted to offer an expansive spectrum of experiences. Her primary function lies not in static ownership, but in chartering—an elegant dance between the waves and the whims of diverse audiences.

Unlike other yachts that are constructed as a reflection of their owner’s personal needs or preferences at a specific point in time, ETERNAL SPARK yacht was engineered with a more holistic vision. She endeavours to make true the collective desires of a broad charter audience, navigating their wishes and expectations with an unfaltering commitment to excellence and flexibility. This discerning approach to design and function sets her apart from “the crowd”, establishing her as an example of progressive yachting.

ETERNAL SPARK yacht has embedded within her architecture a trove of innovative features that are not only unique to her silhouette but are also poised to set new trends within the global yachting community. These features are not just cosmetic enhancements but core architectural innovations that redefine the guest experience.

The exterior architecture of ETERNAL SPARK yacht breaks new ground with its exclusive orientation towards the pleasure and enjoyment of the guests. The flowing lines and expansive decks, intertwined with an exceptional layout, allow guests to immerse themselves in a variety of leisure pursuits. This groundbreaking design not only enhances the charter experience but also accentuates the vessel’s harmonious relationship with the sea and the horizon, which can be noticed in the interior as well.

Another aspect of ETERNAL SPARK yacht that makes her truly special is the modularity of the bridge deck front sundeck. The sundeck can transform based on the desires of the guests, allowing it to be a versatile and dynamic space that can adapt to various needs and occasions. From sunbathing to socializing, the bridge deck front sundeck caters to every whim, offering an unparalleled level of customization.

In essence, ETERNAL SPARK yacht is not just a yacht, but a beacon of innovation and comfort in the charter world. She is a testament to the power of thoughtful design and a commitment to client satisfaction, both from Bilgin Yachts and SuperYachts Croatia, particularly revolving around the needs of the charter guest.

Find a warm welcome on the Main deck aft

As one steps aboard ETERNAL SPARK, the first marvel to greet the eyes is the exquisitely designed main deck aft. As though materialized from the realms of fantasy, this area presents a harmonious fusion of aesthetic architecture and the captivating allure of the Mediterranean Sea. Envisaged as a sanctuary of relaxation, the main deck aft transcends ordinary yacht layouts, becoming a canvas on which memories are painted under the iridescent sun and the silvery moon.


eternal spark yacht main deck aft
This will be the first sight many new guests see when climbing aboard this magnificent vessel

Finesse radiates from every facet of the deck, a testament to the architects’ relentless pursuit of achieving the highest levels of comfort for the guests. This dedication to perfection becomes evident in the meticulous thought put into every detail, each element handpicked to enhance the overall experience.

A prominent feature that exemplifies this commitment is the expansive hardtop that gracefully arches over the entire aft lounging area. Engineered to perfection, this overhead structure serves to create an oasis of shade, protecting guests from the sun’s brilliance as they luxuriate on the comfortable alfresco sofas and armchairs. This design feature ensures that regardless of the sun’s position, the views of the horizon remain unhindered, allowing guests to soak in the stunning panorama without being hindered by the sun’s dazzling glare.

Moreover, the deck serves as a vantage point that invites guests to contemplate the ethereal beauty of the sea as it merges with the sky, their hues of blue dancing together in a mesmerizing ballet. This opportunity for unobstructed viewings of the Mediterranean’s charm is only amplified by the fact that a refreshing beverage will always be at arm`s length.

Eat, drink and relax on the Bridge deck aft

The vision that catalyzed the creation of the bridge deck aft on Eternal Spark was to conceive an alfresco stage of grandeur that fuses both leisure and dining into an unparalleled symphony of pleasure. This space, where relaxation meets refined tastes, beckons guests to come and relax in a state of utmost bliss.

At the stern, deck furniture, each piece a work of art, invites the guests to recline and surrender their senses to the luxurious embrace of luxurious textures, fine upholstery and utmost comfort. As if drawn by a siren’s song, one might find themselves guided towards these seats, welcomed with a tantalizing cocktail meticulously crafted by the diligent crew. The crew, much like an attentive orchestra conductor, ensures that this ensemble of rest and recreation performs flawlessly.
A well-appointed bar, nestled effortlessly within this setting, offers an array of beverages that tantalize the palate. Be it a chilled aperitif or a carefully chosen selection of refreshing concoctions, guests are assured an exquisite selection to accompany their alfresco sojourn.

eternal spark yacht upper deck aft
What can be better than alfresco lounging? Well, alfresco dining right next to it! Aboard Eternal Spark, every need of the charter guest is swiftly met and resolved.

The pièce de résistance of this arrangement is the broad oval dining table, capable of comfortably hosting all guests aboard. This table offers a bespoke dining experience, one that transforms meals into banquets of delight, all heightened by the breathtaking tableau of nature that surrounds them. The azure shimmer of the sea or the verdant silhouette of a nearby island serves as the backdrop for this al fresco gastronomic theatre, enhancing every bite with a feast for the eyes.

The refined sensation of teak beneath your feet, coupled with an intelligently designed layout and a charter service focused on the minutest details, will elevate every possible experience on the bridge deck aft. It is truly an alfresco paradise aboard ETERNAL SPARK yacht, rivalling only the extravagant opulence of the sundeck.

Enjoy a private and modular experience on the Bridge deck sundeck

The bridge deck sundeck stands as a testament to adaptability, effortlessly transforming to cater to a multitude of whims and wishes. This coveted space sets the stage for guests to revel in the panoramic beauty of cruising, creating an intimate connection between the comforts of the yacht and the splendour of the natural landscape.

One of the key elements that breathe life into the versatility of this deck is the use of modular furniture. This arrangement allows guests to shape their experiences, reconfiguring spaces according to their current needs. Whether it’s an impromptu gathering, a leisurely afternoon soak in the sun, an afternoon cocktail, or several moments of silence and privacy, this sundeck can effortlessly adapt to match any expectations.

Imagine savouring a freshly brewed cup of coffee as the first rays of sun spill over the horizon, or revelling in the muted hues of the sunset, champagne in hand. Such transcendent moments are not mere possibilities on the bridge deck sundeck; they’re a part of the daily rhythm of life aboard ETERNAL SPARK yacht.

eternal spark yacht front deck lounge
Following a modular artistic vision, every exterior space aboard Eternal Spark has a certain degree of modularity

This sundeck is not just about leisure; it is also designed to nourish the body and soul. Guests looking to maintain their wellness routines will find it an idyllic setting for morning yoga sessions, as the vast expanse of the sea plays the perfect backdrop to a revitalizing workout. The calm, open environment, imbued with the freshness of the sea breeze, creates a serene ambience that’s in perfect harmony with the soothing nature of these activities.

For those seeking a cosier retreat or a more intimate socializing space, this sundeck provides the perfect balance of comfort and sophistication. With a versatile and fluid setup, it can be transformed into an intimate gathering spot, where guests can engage in hushed conversations under the starlit sky.

Utmost relaxation and luxury can be found on the Sundeck

Another highlight of this yacht is her incredible sundeck; a very spacious area with sunbathing options throughout the stern, lounging and dining options amidship and a one-of-a-kind jacuzzi at the bow.
For those guests who enjoy experiencing show-cooking performances, there is a BBQ hidden in the portside superstructure of the sundeck, enabling the Michelin-level chef to display hard-learned culinary skills for the entire charter party.

A strong presence of wood on the sundeck accomplishes a natural atmosphere, complemented by the zero-level stern, which seems to invite the alluring presence of the sea right onto the sundeck and present panoramas that are unhindered by high bulwarks or other obstructions.

With plenty of lounging and sunbathing spaces, the sundeck on ETERNAL SPARK yacht will most definitely be the place where charter guests will spend most of their time.

eternal spark yacht sundeck
The amenities and comfort found on the sundeck surpass even the wildest charter fantasies, starting with the bespoke glass wall jacuzzi

But, the crowning jewel of the sundeck is definitely the glass-bottom jacuzzi, which fits 8 adult guests. This jacuzzi has certain properties that make it completely unique. For instance, the glass bottom plays a pivotal role in the lighting of the central staircase, allowing the sunlight to pass straight through the jacuzzi and illuminate the entire interior foyer with natural light. This is something that most yachts tend to ignore, using only artificial light in interior hallways, lobbies and foyers. But, since ETENRAL SPARK yacht decided to uphold the highest possible standard of innovation and bespoke design, it was decided that every guest space will be treated as equally crucial for achieving total client immersion.

Discover the edge of the water on the Swimming platform and beach club

An extension of the beach club area, the swimming platform offers a space that is wide and spacious enough for several sun loungers, so guests can enjoy the warm Croatian sun near the water’s edge. Since this space hangs in the balance between interior and exterior, we decided to review the swimming platform alongside the beach club, so guests could completely envision themselves in this space.

The beach club on ETERNAL SPARK yacht is completely different from any other beach club on any Bilgin yacht that was built before this generation of Bilgin vessels. This is achieved partially by having a very high angle of opening the transom doors and also by pushing the bulkhead as far as possible towards the engine room. In this high beach club, you will find the full-height sauna on the starboard side, and also the dayhead, right beside it. The sauna is big; it can fit 4-5 adult people and it is fully appointed with glass walls, so you can enjoy the sauna experience while also looking outside towards the sea.

eternal spark yacht beach club view
The beach club aboard Eternal Spark yacht is truly one-of-a-kind

Also, a TV is situated just opposite the sauna, on the portside of the beach club, so guests can even watch a preferred show that could make entice a longer stay in the sauna. When you exit the sauna, on your right-hand side you will find an ice fountain, where you can take the ice into your hands and splash yourself to cool off instantly after the sauna.

One of the secrets of this beach club is a special drainage system; dampness and humidity are very common problems in beach clubs like these because the profile of the floor is very low, but ETENRAL SPARK yacht solves this problem in an innovative way, using silent vacuum pumps and de-humidifiers.

Despite the fact that the floor profile is very low, this area is excellently ventilated, so any humidity that exceeds predetermined levels gets drained immediately from the beach club. This makes this environment even more welcoming for the guests, because the atmosphere remains fresh and totally air-conditioned, so you can use the area immediately. If you look into the beach club from the swimming platform, notice that the bulkhead wall is covered with a big mirror, which reflects the light and the sea, allowing guests to feel connected to the sea.

Move Around the exterior decks

ETERNAL SPARK yacht has many smart innovations scattered all around the exterior decks, which may not be noticeable at first glance, but make a tremendous difference when guests are immersed in all the possible charter experiences.
For instance, the front alfresco bridge deck is equipped with an AWing system, with movable stainless steel pylons that ensure complete shade for the entire front bridge deck.

eternal spark yacht stairway in the lobby
Exterior and interior staircases both have their distinctive allures

The bridge deck aft also has another smart solution for improved lounging, in the form of a C-shaped sofa with a movable backrest. This feature improves upon the overall visual experience – when Eternal Spark is cruising, guests can choose to enjoy the stern panorama. Since there is no bulwark that blocks views from the stern, guests can lay down on the comfortable sofa and watch as the yacht leaves a trail of seafoam behind her, complemented by the blue allure of the sea. In the evening, the crew can put the backrest in the starting position, so guests are facing each other.

It is important to note one of the main advantages of this vessel is a day head on every deck. There is a day head on the beach club, on the main deck, on the bridge deck, and also on the sundeck, so potential clients are always two steps away from washing their hands before a meal and not needing to go back to their cabin to do so.

eternal spark yacht day head
A dayhead on every deck is something rarely found on other yachts

To reach all of the decks, guests can use the exterior staircases or the central interior staircase, made out of glass and coloured particles.

Why is Eternal Spark yacht a trailblazer when it comes to exterior accommodations

At first glance, ETERNAL SPARK yacht may blend in with her contemporaries, resembling any other modern 50-meter marvel in the yachting universe. However, as one becomes better acquainted with her, it becomes glaringly apparent that she bears a distinctive charm that sets her apart from her counterparts. The difference lies not in her striking exterior, but in her core purpose—she was engineered not to appease a single owner’s distinctive tastes, but to amplify and maximize the charter experience for all her guests.

The architects behind ETERNAL SPARK worked meticulously to ensure that the vessel teems with exterior areas designed for socializing and camaraderie, boasting a sporty aesthetic that highlights her underlying robustness.
ETERNAL SPARK yacht is not just a trailblazer in terms of the guest experience. She also pioneers a new era of aesthetic design and solutions in contemporary yacht design. Her design features the latest in yachting fashion, subtly integrating avant-garde elements and cutting-edge solutions that not only enhance her functionality but also add a distinctive touch to her overall aesthetic appeal.

eternal spark yacht exterior
Start an adventure of a lifetime aboard Eternal Spark yacht and discover a world filled with wonder throughout her exterior

Subtle yet striking, these design elements can be observed throughout the decks, each adding to the yacht’s overall appeal and style. Every detail reflects ETERNAL SPARK`s commitment to providing a luxurious, unforgettable yachting experience. She is not just a yacht but a testament to the limitless potential of modern yacht design.


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