ETERNAL SPARK Yacht Yoga: Peace Amidst the Waves

Allow this yacht to change your perception of what is possible, and discover different yoga styles in unique settings for a truly rejuvenating experience.

Thanks to the incredible naval design done by Hot Lab Studios and Unique Yacht Design, the masterful build by Bilgin Yachts, ETERNAL SPARK yacht is ready to revolutionise your perception of doing yoga on a yacht.

Onboard ETERNAL SPARK, find tranquillity and balance by practising yoga as your breath meets and harmonizes with the gentle rocking of the waves.

Also, your crew will be at your full disposal during your active yacht yoga vacation; by creating an ambience using Eternal Spark`s amenities, coupled with the unlimited potential of the Mediterranean, will be a one-way ticket to performing an asana you have never done before.

Ashtanga Yoga: Sundeck Serenity

The sun deck of ETERNAL SPARK yacht is a sanctified space where luxury meets the ancient practice of Ashtanga yoga.

Guests are treated to the grandeur of the Mediterranean – its azure waters, the gentle waves, and the sun painting a mosaic on the endless sea. As you unfurl your yoga mat on the deck’s teak wood, the world seems to pause, bringing your attention inward.

The yacht’s state-of-the-art amenities complement this experience. For those new to Ashtanga or needing guidance, the yacht crew can offer personalized instruction with professional gurus, as well as hydration stations, with infused waters and light refreshments.

This holistic service, combined with the rhythm of the sea, intensifies the Ashtanga practice, with the sequences feeling more profound and transformative.

eternal spark yacht charter sundeck view
The sundeck is equally a place of luxury and serenity

The somewhat monotone and repetitive tempo of the Ashtanga exercises will be durable, thanks to the incredible natural surroundings, and the appropriate music being played from the sundeck speakers.

There’s a deep-rooted connection between the Mediterranean’s flow and the sequential flow of Ashtanga. As practitioners transition through the series, each pose, like every wave in the sea, builds upon the previous one.

This synergy between the movement of the body and the Mediterranean creates an unparalleled experience, making every session on the sundeck a beautiful synchronization of breath and movement.

Kundalini Yoga: Bridge Deck Bow Bliss

High above the water, the bridge deck bow provides a panoramic view of the Mediterranean’s grandeur. This vantage point will amplify the awakening power of Kundalini Yoga, and help you pass the Gates of Pain, into the land of blissful energization.

ETERNAL SPARK’s amenities take this experience a notch higher; with the charter crew providing everything needed, guests can dive deeper into their practice, unlocking their dormant energy through focusing and transcending bodily pain

eternal spark yacht yoga mats bow area
Allow the Mediterranean Sea to be your partner while doing yoga on ETERNAL SPARK yacht

The Mediterranean has been, for ages, a catalyst for self-discovery and transformation. When combined with Kundalini’s focus on inner energy, the two together foster a profound atmosphere for achieving higher consciousness.

Yin Yoga: Beach Club Calm

Nestled close to the waterline, the beach club is where ETERNAL SPARK’s luxury meets the meditative pace of Yin Yoga. Here, the Mediterranean is not just a backdrop but an active participant in your practice. The ambient sound of the gentle waves serves as a natural metronome, guiding you into deeper relaxation and introspection.

Breathing and staying in a single Yin Yoga pose can sometimes be tedious, but to help focus and concentration push through the stray knots of energy in your body, the beach club has several surprises for avid practitioners.

First, there is the comfortable teak floor, an excellent surface for doing yacht yoga, but also, the scent and panorama of the sea, permeating into the beach club and creating an aura of serenity

Also, there is the sauna, an amenity that supports Yin yoga in a manner that will be out-of-this-world for first-timers.

eternal spark yacht charter beach club view
After your session, take advantage of the ice fountain in ETERNAL SPARK`s beach club and completely cleanse the toxins from your body, followed by a long-awaited plunge into the refreshing Mediterranean sea.

As Yin Yoga emphasizes holding poses and delving deep into one’s connective tissues, the steady embrace of the Mediterranean’s waves enhances this inward journey.

Like the deep currents beneath the surface, Yin Yoga reaches the quieter, more profound parts of our being, and the beach club, with its close proximity to the sea, becomes a sanctum of deep restoration and connection.

Vinyasa Yoga: Main Deck Aft Alignment

The main deck aft on Eternal Spark is a testament to luxury and open space. It provides an unobstructed view of the Mediterranean, making it the perfect spot for Vinyasa’s fluid sequences. Guests can experience the harmonious alignment of breath, movement, and the natural world while enjoying the view of the sea.

For Vinyasa practitioners, it is sometimes important to have enough room for all the paraphernalia that makes a Vinyasa session enjoyable, so all Yoga bricks, wheels, rollers etc. will be provided by your dedicated charter crew upon an advanced request.

eternal spark yacht charter main deck aft

Also, the yacht’s top-notch sound system can serenade practitioners with soft, melodic tunes that echo the rhythms of the Mediterranean, amplifying the fluidity of Vinyasa.

This will all help each asana become like the sun`s reflection in the waves; transient and seamlessly blending into the next, reflecting life’s all-encompassing nature. Thus, this alignment between the self, the practice, and the sea, becomes a beautiful symphony of flow and rhythm.

The Essence of ETERNAL SPARK Yacht Yoga: Benefits & Experiences

ETERNAL SPARK Yacht Yoga is not just a physical practice; it is an experience that marries the age-old wisdom of yoga with the timeless rhythm of the ocean.

The vast expanse of the sea serves as a constant reminder of life’s flow, helping practitioners cultivate an attitude of acceptance and gratitude. The salty air purifies the respiratory system, enhancing the benefits of pranayama.

eternal spark homepage cover photo
Accept an invitation to find peace amidst the waves, to align oneself with the rhythms of nature, and to discover the infinite potential that lies within.

The sounds of the sea — the waves, the distant call of seabirds, the wind — act as natural tools for meditation, helping the mind to focus and find stillness amidst movement. Each yoga style, when practised in the embrace of the sea, is enhanced, offering deeper insights and more profound experiences.

ETERNAL SPARK Yacht Yoga is more than just a fusion of asanas and the sea. It is a journey inward, guided by the vastness of the ocean and the wisdom of ancient practices.

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