Eternal Spark – The Newest Superyacht from Bilgin Yachts

At first glance, a superyacht like any other of her kind - sleek, modern, stylish and comfortable. But looking under the surface is where the differences are most noticeable. These differences are closely tied to her purpose; unlike the vast majority of yachts on the charter market, Eternal Spark yacht was not built around specific directions from an owner who financed the entire project. Rather, her design and architecture are products of close collaboration between different professionals from the yachting industry.

Sparking your interest

As project managers, SuperYachts Croatia is proud to unveil the newest and by far the most exciting project we have ever worked on. In cooperation with Bilgin Yachts, one of the leading manufacturers of luxury and super yachts in the world, we have begun a detailed construction of a benchmark for the entire yacht charter industry.

A proud member of SYBAss (Superyachts Builder Association) Bilgin Yachts is a trailblazer and a forward-thinker who is not scared of experimentation. From day one, our competent teams closely collaborated with architects, artisans and designers, but also other people from the industry, like captains, brokers, agents and crew members, to bring to life a concept that has not yet been done before, in the history of the yachting industry.

We are talking about a novelty that has no competition regarding yachting experiences and offers on the global charter market, a true game-changer in her standalone category.

This is something entirely new, different and more exciting; We are proud to present the superyacht Eternal Spark.

eternal spark superyacht at the shipyard

At first glance, a superyacht like any other of her kind – sleek, modern, stylish and comfortable. But looking under the surface is where the differences are most noticeable. These differences are closely tied to her purpose; unlike the vast majority of yachts on the charter market, Eternal Spark yacht was not built around specific directions from an owner who financed the entire project. Rather, her design and architecture are products of close collaboration between different professionals from the yachting industry.

A typical yacht-building scenario goes something like this: a client approaches their preferred shipyard, which then sits down with the future owner and asks them what they want from a yacht. From that moment onward, their yacht becomes an extension of their lifestyle; a fully customized vessel completely in tune with the wishes of the client.

This moment is what sets apart Eternal Spark from all other yachts – she was not built to accommodate the wishes of a single person, but rather a broad body of possible charter clients. In different words, Eternal Spark was not built for the owner, but for every single person keen to explore the unique experiences of chartering a yacht.

Hence, she is the product of accumulated knowledge and experience collected from different experts in the yachting industry.

This amalgam of multiple unique viewpoints and perspectives creates a yacht that defies all expectations and challenges dogmas that revolve around the yacht charter market.

eternal spark yacht beach club

Challenging the Norms (Of the Mainstream Yacht Market)

Eternal Spark was built so that she maximizes the number of possible experiences, and minimizes vagueness and unfamiliarity. Eternal Spark will seem like a natural extension of the client’s home, familiar and inviting.

Eternal Spark is a yacht centred around charter experiences, and every feature in the interior and exterior works towards accentuating them with innovative solutions and smart implementations of amenities.

It is important to note that most of the amenities aboard Eternal Spark can already be observed on some yachts of her class. But, what makes Eternal Spark stand out is that, within her class and length category, she offers the most condensed list of amenities available on the charter market.

This means that Eternal Spark yacht unified all amenities under a single roof, not because of specific wishes from a dedicated owner, but because her builders wanted to construct the first superyacht focused on maximizing charter experiences.

This was made possible by inputs from a pool of collected knowledge from top industry leaders and representatives made out of designers, artisans, architects, yacht brokers, yacht crews and even charter guests, resulting in a yacht that is totally unique in what she offers i.e. a yacht built exclusively for charter experiences.

General specifications of Eternal Spark

Here is a brief overview of the general technical specifications of Eternal Spark. She was officially announced at the Monaco Yacht Show in September of 2022, under the classification of a Bilgin 163 model.

Her length reaches 49.95 meters (163 feet), with a beam of 9.25 meters (30.34 feet) and a draught of 2.60 meters (8.53 feet). Underway, Eternal Spark has a range of over 5000 nautical miles when cruising in her eco-mode at 10.5. knots. This yacht is also capable of reaching a top speed of 17 knots – an astounding result that attests to her innovative wave-piercing bow design and the excellent hydrodynamics of her hull.

This is mostly due to the work put in by Unique Yacht Design, the official naval architect of Eternal Spark, while the interior was done by Hot Lab, an award-winning Italian design firm based in Milano. Both Unique Yacht Design and Hot Lab left their mark on the world of yacht design, producing incredible results which combined high-end fashion with smart layout solutions and innovative engineering intakes.

Eternal spark can accommodate a total of 12 guests, which will be allocated in one of 6 cabins, configurated as 4 double and 2 twin cabins, with the twins having the ability to convert into doubles. There will also be 10 crew members aboard, whose professionalism and dedication to impeccable service will complement the bespoke design and décor of this awesome yacht.

Practical Differences (Between Eternal Spark & Other Yachts)

Here are the most important differences between Eternal Spark and yachts that were made for a specific person and their lifestyle, not paying attention to the broader needs of the charter market. Sometimes an owner comes close to an ideal design of the yacht, but Eternal Spark excels in her adaptation to the needs of a broad charter audience.

Subtle design details that keep the visual experiences fresh

Every charter day spent on Eternal Spark means potential clients will notice some new details in the design, be it the game of light and shadow in the foyer or the main deck dining floor, which combines different patterns of wood and stone. There will always be newly observable details; even if you spend multiple summers on Eternal Spark, there will always be something new to observe and experience.

eternal spark yacht main dining table

Each guest will be spoiled, without prejudice

Mainstream yachts tend to concentrate expensive resources around certain parts of the yacht, disregarding the décor of others. This means that the best, most expensive, or rare materials are predominantly used in some parts of the yachts, while other tend to be overlooked, in terms of luxury or bespoke design.

Eternal Spak approaches this problem with a different attitude, giving every social space on board the same high standard and volume of luxurious materials. It does not matter if clients find themselves in the exterior of the interior, if they tour the big master suite or the convertible twin cabin, the design and décor standard will remain high, allocated equally between all social spaces onboard.

Every en suite is also decorated using identical motifs, like coloured stone mosaics and golden segmentation lines. Due to this, not one accommodation on Eternal Spark feels like being sub-par to any other.

Also, each cabin has a different colour theme, that is the master, the VIP, the double, and the twin cabin all have different choices of primary colours, the influence of which even extends into the en suite. This makes spending time in each of these accommodations a totally different experience.

2 pop-up TVs in the main salon

Most yachts are satisfied with a single flat-screen TV in the main salon, but this is not true for Eternal Spark. Both the front and back of the salon are equipped with pop-up TVs, which enable guests to watch different shows at the same time, while also being together. This means that your favourite sports game will not be interrupted by the newest episode of the hottest Netflix series.

eternal spark yacht tv in the main salon

Mirror-embedded TVs in the cabins

When it comes to the guest’s accommodation, every cabin onboard Eternal Spark has TVs embedded into the mirrors, which are usually found in front of the berth. This cuts the profile of the TV and seamlessly integrates it into a mirror, which is clearly invisible if not turned on.

eternal spark yacht tvs in cabins

Steam room shower in the master suite

The shower cabin in the master suite has the potential of being converted into a fully-functioning steam room, providing primary charter guests with a potential wellness experience directly in their suite.

eternal spark yacht steam room shower

Beach club sauna, ice fountain, and TV

The sauna is located on the starboard side of the bespoke beach club aboard Eternal Spark. Alongside being a stylish amenity and practical addition to any beach club experience, the sauna on Eternal Spark has two awesome features that are totally unique. First, there is an ice fountain right outside the sauna, so guests can wash their hands and face as they leave the hot and steamy surroundings, before jumping into the refreshing sea just outside the beach club.

Also, a mirror with an embedded TV is located just opposite the glass sauna doors, so guests could potentially watch their favourite show while enjoying the steam of the sauna.

eternal spark yacht beach club sauna

A day head on every deck

A feature that is often overlooked, even on superyachts that have the length to support such an endeavour, is to have a day head on every deck aboard. To this extent, Eternal Spark can boast to truly care about the experiences of her clients, enabling them not to leave a certain spot unless they will it so.


The twin cabin is convertible into a fully-appointed double cabin

The ability of twin cabins to be converted into doubles is not a novelty on yachts, but there is something innovative about how the berths join together on Eternal Spark. When in twin “mode” the berths are separated with a nightstand, but when they are joined, the frames of the berths actually pass under the nightstand, creating a walk-around room alongside the entire edge of the berth. This way, the layout of the twin changes to accommodate the general layout of a double cabin.

The main reason why this kind of convertibility is such a big deal is closely tied to the architecture of the hull on yachts. The main problem that convertible cabins encounter is angular walls on the lower deck, particularly the more they are moved toward the bow.

Because of this, one of the biggest challenges of designing bespoke yacht cabins is to frame them in such a way that exudes stability associated with straight, 90-degree walls. The angled bow walls make it quite difficult to design a convertible cabin that retains the same layout and specifications as a classic double cabin. For this reason, the engineers of Eternal Spark built a fully movable nightstand, which passes under the twin berth to conceal the angeled ribs of the hull, without sacrificing the aesthetical impression of the yacht.

An ingenious engineering solution indeed, and one which provides guests with a cabin, that retains all the features of a typical double cabin.

eternal spark yacht convertible double cabin

Each cabin has a king-size berth

This feature is unbelievable, but it is true! Every berth aboard Eternal Spark is as big or bigger as a king-size berth (according to the European standard, which is 160x200cm or bigger).
Guests will enjoy sleeping in the absolutely huge 240×200 master berth, the 210×200 VIP berth, the 200×180 double berth or the 90×200 twin berth.

eternal spark yacht double cabin

The sky lounge can convert into an interior cinema

Just by rearranging the smartly designed sofas and by drawing out the movie screen, the sky lounge can be converted into an interior cinema. Also, using the remote-controlled blinds, that can create a pitch-black atmosphere, clients can enjoy the newest Hollywood blockbuster in a surrounding that is nearly identical to a real cinema.

eternal spark yacht cinema room

Movable backrests on the bridge deck aft sofa

The bridge deck aft sofa has movable backrests, that can adjust according to the wishes of the guest; a view of the stern panorama is possible because the bridge deck is zero-level (there are no bulwarks obstructing the view, only stainless steel railings). On the other hand, guests can also interact with their friends by incorporating the sofa into the existing lounging component and focusing on the bow.

eternal spark yacht bridge deck aft

A fully shaded alfresco dining table on the bridge deck

Alfresco dining tables are not new, but what Eternal Spark does differently is cover the entire 5-meter-long oval dining table with the sundeck hardtop. This guarantees potential clients alfresco dining that will be totally protected from the sun, while still providing the same outdoor experiences, but without any drawbacks.

eternal spark yacht al fresco dining table

A fully convertible lounge on the bridge deck bow

The bridge deck bow front lounge was envisioned as a precursor to the sundeck, a place where guests can lounge around while being exposed to the sun and enjoy a refreshing cocktail. But, the configuration of this area also involves the usage of loose furniture, which can be moved or removed by your expert charter crew, creating lots of free space, utilized for many different purposes. This means that the front bridge deck can be used as a place for practicing yoga, enjoying a massage or exercising with a private trainer, by using gym equipment.

eternal spark yacht front deck lounge

A bespoke central staircase

The central staircase aboard Eternal Spark stays filled with sunlight during the day, due to the glass surface of the sundeck jacuzzi, which emanates light through its glass floor into the central foyer. This is an unusual feature, mostly because other central staircases and foyers on similar yachts tend to be illuminated with artificial light only.

The entire lobby is illuminated by daylight, due to the glass wall constantly letting in the sun, which then bounces off the crystal chandeliers and other crystal lamps and accessories. Also, the stairs are made out of glass, so there is no loss of light between each segment of the step

Having natural light inside the lobby is an innovation not many 499GT 50-meter yachts can attest to.

eternal spark yacht stairway in the lobby

A hidden BBQ on the sundeck

Charter clients love cooking presentations, especially if they are done by a professional Michelin star chef aboard a superyacht. For this, yachts usually possess integrated BBQ stations on the sundeck. But, these can be quite an eye sore, for their sheer volume and industrial aesthetic do not comply with the design of the yacht. This is why the BBQ station aboard Eternal Spark is smartly hidden in the sundeck superstructure, providing a seamless visual experience.

eternal spark yacht hidden bbq

Overcoming Hurdles & Solving Practical Problems

When envisioning and constructing Eternal Spark, the most difficult part was satisfying the biggest body of a charter market as possible. There will always be individual preferences, but Eternal Spark yacht tends to console all grievances and unite all options and potential experiences under a single roof.

These high ambitions resulted in a one-of-a-kind yacht, but it was also met with many practical and engineering problems, that arose when trying out new technologies. Some were resolved swiftly and with style, while others required innovations in the field of naval engineering and architecture, as well as yacht design. Completely new technologies had to be made, specifically for the purpose of constructing Eternal Spark.

One such problem was eliminating dampness from the sunken-level beach club. This kind of positioning, below the level of the sea, made it so that the beach club was constantly exposed to the influence of the water. As such, the dampness levels were initially very high, so Bilgin Yachts had to come up with a solution that has never been implemented on charter yachts before.

They patented special drainage systems for the beach club, with integrated de-humidifiers and target ventilation systems, all of which ran 24/7 and were also completely silent. This solved the dampness and humidity problems in the beach club, alongside any possible spillage of water that can occur while guests are having fun in this area.

Also, the original designs included much shorter hardtops that spanned the main and bridge deck aft. But it was concluded that, after deliberating with project assistants from the domain of charter crews, the guests will be disinclined to use these spaces if enough sun would interrupt their lounging. So, the hardtops were changed and extended, creating an overhang above each alfresco deck which ensured shade in the exterior aft decks.

When it came to the design, a pattern had to be chosen, which would appeal to a broad audience, while also communicating the bespoke luxury a superyacht entails. For this purpose, Bilgin Yachts collaborated with Unique Yacht Design and Hot Lab, which accomplished a visual and spatial extravaganza, that can be put against any yacht interior on the market.

Take the main deck interior salon, for example.

Here, natural elements like wood, stone, brass, leather, and live plants tend to agree with full-sized windows, that offer unobstructed views of the sea, creating an organic and natural atmosphere, that appeals to a broad client base, while also retaining a sense of luxury and exclusivity.

eternal spark yacht main salon windows

The natural element of the design also creates an informal atmosphere, in which guests feel more relaxed and at home, which was one of the main goals behind the entire project. This informal atmosphere is strongly contrasted against the more formal feelings that envelop clients when stepping aboard “owner-built” yachts.

The general approach to design on Eternal Spark is amalgamic; joining together influences from many different sources and combining them to create something new and never seen before. A sort-of polymerization of existing design elements, décor features and amenities, morphed into an entirely new and complex unit.

Future Dates & Eventual Release Date

The first idea around a yacht built exclusively for charter purposes emerged during the first lockdowns and the summer season that followed. She was imagined as a yacht that satisfies every client, regardless of their charter preferences.

The initial drawings of Eternal Spark were made in 2021, with the emergence of the Bilgin 163 model. Immediately, there was huge potential behind the 163 Project, and the project managers wanted to upgrade it, to match its huge capabilities.

Plans were drawn and immediate work began on Eternal Spark.

After countless man-hours spent on consultations, design, construction and logistics, Eternal Spark saw its technical launch in March of 2022. Currently, in a hangar, Eternal Spark is set for sea trials at the beginning of August, 2023.

Delivery of this unique model is projected to happen in 2023, and it is expected that Eternal Spark will happily accept clients from September, 2023.

The Beginning of a Dream

From SuperYachts Croatia’s stance, Eternal Spark yacht is idyllically looked upon as a beginning of a dream, that could revolutionize the way that Bilgin constructs yachts, as well as the entire yacht charter industry.

A benchmark in form of yachts being built not as commercial projects and investments, not intended for a single person, but for a broad audience. The name “Eternal Spark” was chosen so this yacht always remains the symbol of igniting flames of future naval innovations.

A yacht that will be remembered as a turning point in the charter industry at a pivotal point in time, for the entire charter industry. Never has there been more yachts constructed and never has there been more interest shown in yachts and chartering yachts, and that growing interest will be the wind that will move the sails of progress, with Eternal Spark at the vanguard.

eternal spark yacht at cruising speed

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