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The launch of Eternal Spark yacht is a testament to the magic that can occur when industry leaders join forces. Thus, this luxury superyacht embodies the expertise of Bilgin Yachts, Unique Yacht Design, Hot Lab, and, notably, the instrumental role of Superyachts Croatia.

With their commitment to excellence, vast local infrastructure, and client-first approach, Superyachts Croatia has helped to create a charter vessel that sets a new benchmark in luxury yachting. Eternal Spark yacht is not just a luxury superyacht; she is a symbol of what can be achieved when the best in the industry join forces to create something truly extraordinary.

Who is SuperYachts Croatia?

SuperYachts Croatia is a small team of 22 highly specialized local yachting experts, focused only on providing authentic and fresh charter experience in Croatia.

This firm is personally familiar with over a hundred yachts that make up the Croatia yachting catalogue, not offering just any old yachts on the market, but a handpicked selection of the best in each category.

Every yacht charter in their selection has gone through their „51 Points Yacht Charter Survey“ – a special inspection protocol that checks if yachts are meeting the highest criteria of accommodation and service. All the yachts for charter are also new, or ‘as-new’, with best-in-the-class crew hospitality & fully equipped for the most unique yachting experiences.

Novela Yacht Charter cruising in Kornati Islands

Representing the client`s best interests is always at the core of everything that SuperYachts Croatia does, being experienced with industry standards, such are MYBA contracts and terms, and having appropriate liability insurance.

SuperYachts Croatia has a reputation for arranging perfect yachting holidays, with a crew that will suit the client`s lifestyle and preferences; working closely with the crew, this firm also supports organizing all “behind the stage” details, such as port reservations, entertainment, provisioning… Their 0-24 yacht support will make sure that clients enjoy VIP treatment at every step of the way.

The CEO of SuperYachts Croatia, Matija Longin, was born and raised in Zadar, the personification of coastal Croatia. Engaged in sailing since the age of 6 with remarkable results through 15 years of professional sports career, Matija knows the entire Croatian Adriatic sea like the back of his hand. Educated in Business, Matija is passionate about superyachts, and his two children – a girl and a boy.

Fully transparent and straightforward, SuperYachts Croatia`s protocols and standards strive to bring more value to client relationships not measuring success by profits, but by the number of sincere friendships achieved through the utmost customer satisfaction, that goes out from their work.

SuperYachts Croatia and Eternal Spark

Eternal Spark’s splendour is not a work of chance but a meticulously planned masterpiece that involves the best hands in the industry, notably, Superyachts Croatia’s unparalleled project management. Acting as the main consultant, Superyachts Croatia’s role was pivotal to the project’s uniqueness.

With their deep understanding of the luxury charter industry, they were instrumental in equipping the yacht with state-of-the-art mechanical and engineering equipment and some innovative features not seen anywhere else. It is this fusion of high technology and timeless craftsmanship that has set Eternal Spark yacht apart in a class of its own.

Equally, Superyachts Croatia’s input did not stop at mechanics and engineering. With an unwavering commitment to luxury, they ensured that every aspect of the yacht’s build, both interior and exterior, adhered to the highest standards of opulence and grandeur.

eternal spark yacht at the shipyard

It is not just their technical prowess that sets Superyachts Croatia apart; it is also their profound understanding of the industry, the local environment, and a commitment to client satisfaction that was critical in bringing Eternal Spark to life.

Our partners – Bilgin, Unique Yacht Design, Hot Lab studio

In the arena of luxury maritime craftsmanship, collaboration is often the key to realizing visions of grandeur. This ethos is beautifully exemplified in Eternal Spark yacht, a mesmerizing 50-meter superyacht born from the collaboration between SuperYachts Croatia and three other geniuses of the industry: Hot Lab Design, Bilgin Yachts, and Unique Yacht Design.

The Italian yacht design studio Hot Lab Design is a beacon of innovative yacht design. Their illustrious legacy within the luxury maritime industry is founded on their ability to constantly reinvent and redefine luxury. With Eternal Spark, they’ve outdone themselves, bringing their signature aesthetic flair, avant-garde furnishings, and meticulous attention to detail to the forefront. The interiors can be attributed to Enrico Lumini from Hot Lab, with every inch reflecting their unparalleled commitment to creating bespoke spaces that cater to the elite.

Bilgin Yachts, Turkey’s leading yacht builder, has a reputation that speaks for itself. Celebrated for their meticulous construction, engineering marvels, and superior quality, Bilgin Yachts has transformed Hot Lab’s vision into tangible luxury. Their expertise is showcased in the seamless construction of the ‘Eternal Spark’, ensuring a smooth and unforgettable sailing experience.

Unique Yacht Design is a name that resonates deeply within the yachting community. Their prowess in creating exteriors that blend form and function is unparalleled. With Eternal Spark yacht, Unique Yacht Design has once again showcased its ability to craft sleek, streamlined profiles that command attention.

The superyacht’s expansive decks and optimized open spaces are a testament to Unique Yacht Design’s innovative approach, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the ocean, thus elevating the maritime experience. Their partnership in this project has ensured that the ‘Eternal Spark’ stands as a majestic testament to the power of collaborative innovation.

SuperYachts Croatia – creating benchmarks

The golden age of yachting is upon us. It is an era defined by collaborations of giants, technological advancements, and an insatiable pursuit of perfection. The testament to this epoch is the launch of the newest luxury superyacht, Eternal Spark, a joint venture by Bilgin Yachts, Unique Yacht Design, Hot Lab, and Superyachts Croatia.

With each of these powerhouses in the superyacht industry playing critical roles in the project, Eternal Spark yacht is a magnificent fusion of technical prowess, aesthetic ingenuity, and luxury standards that are second to none.

eternal spark yacht charter exterior view 6

As we anchor our journey into the vibrant world of luxury yachting, it’s evident that the renaissance of maritime magnificence is here, and it’s more dazzling than ever.

Always at the helm, representing the best interests of the client, Superyachts Croatia is the linchpin in the “behind the scene” organization. From reservations to entertainment and provisions, every detail is meticulously orchestrated. And it doesn’t stop there. Tailoring experiences to perfection and offering the best rates for exclusive VIP treatments are but a few facets of their holistic service.

While Eternal Spark is a shining beacon of what’s possible when the best minds in the yachting industry converge, it’s the steadfast dedication of Superyachts Croatia that ensures every journey is as exquisite as the yacht itself.

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