Meet the ETERNAL SPARK Crew: Third Stew Amber Robles

Amber Robles is a stewardess on ETERNAL SPARK, a yacht currently that is currently undergoing final construction and outfitting processes at Bilgin Yachts in West Istanbul Marina, Turkey. We could not meet in person, since she is on location in Turkey, but after a short-but-sweet Zoom call, she shared some of her impressions of the location and the yacht, but also her reactions and regarding Eternal Spark and the upcoming med season.

Can you please introduce yourself, and how you started yachting?

I’m Amber and I’m 26. I was born in London but grew up in Spain. After a short career in the military, I heard about this industry and after I launched my beauty business, I decided to enquire and fulfil my ambition of working on luxury superyachts; I was not disappointed since.

What is your role now, as ETERNAL SPARK yacht is being prepared for launch?

As ETERNAL SPARK yacht is still in the build, the crew we have are currently living in a villa. My job at the moment is to keep our living quarters clean, maintain all crew washing and ironing, do weekly grocery shops to keep the fridge and dry stores topped up, help out with cooking as well as give the chief stewardess a hand when needed.

So, most tasks you will do on the yacht, you are currently performing. That must be excellent for group cohesion, but, what will your duties be once the yacht launches?

Once ETERNAL SPARK yacht is in the water and all crew can board, my first job will be cleaning the interior and crew quarters to yacht standards while packing away everything that’s needed for the interior and crew.

eternal spark yacht guest cabin night stand
ETERNAL SPARK Yacht Guest Cabin

After everything is on board my job will be to continue looking after the cleanliness of the guest and crew quarters, crew laundry and ironing, training to handle other specific interior tasks and getting everything ready for our first set of guests.

What is your favourite and least favourite duty as a third stew and why?

I don’t have a favourite because there are too many to choose from; I love all things related to my job but on the other hand my least favourite is scrubbing heads, because who likes doing that?

Hahaha, I am 100% with you on that; if I were a steward, I would think the same way. But, following the last question about preferred tasks, does every stew have a specialization? Is it expected of the third stew, for example, to mix cocktails? If so, what is your favourite drink to make for the guests?

On this size vessel, yes. I love making cocktails and its one of the many things I love about my job, my favourite cocktail has to be a Mojito because of how versatile it is.

It doesn’t take a lot of time to make yet it always excels, and you can also put a twist on it by adding fruit, for example, one of my favourites is a raspberry mojito or you can not add sugar and offer a skinny mojito, low in calories but still holds its great taste.

eternal spark yacht charter bar on the sundeck
ETERNAL SPARK Yacht Sundeck – Fully Stocked Wet Bar with 4 Bar Stools

Considering your passion for cocktails, ETERNAL SPARK Yacht bars are the perfect arena to hone your skills. Besides cocktails, what usually takes most of the time out of a third stew`s day?

Laundry duties, because not only do we have to do laundry for all guests, we also have to do laundry for all crew which includes personal clothes and uniform, guest and crew bedding and linen, deck towels, interior and deck cleaning rags.

This is one of many hidden aspects of yachting, that guests remain blissfully unaware of, as it should be. But it shows the level of commitment and determination needed to work on a yacht. And when it comes to specifics, what aspect of ETERNAL SPARK yacht do you find most appealing and why?

There is a lot of great stuff about ETERNAL SPARK, but what I find most appealing is what she looks like, she is modern and every little detail inside and outside has been thought about and made to impress the eye. I am certain that her future guests will enjoy every aspect of her.

eternal spark yacht itineraries cover

Do you think that experience aboard ETERNAL SPARK yacht will develop your career? What are your long-term career goals within the yachting industry?

Most definitely, with the size of ETERNAL SPARK yacht, we only have three in the interior, meaning we have to help out in all areas which will help me improve my role in all departments.


Here, our time was cut short, because Amber needed to help out chief stew Caroline with picking out the linens and colour patterns for guest accommodations and crew uniforms. Our future collaborations will be unveiled after ETERNAL SPARK yacht launches from Bilgin Yachts HQ in West Istanbul Marina, which will be just at the start of the Mediterranean charter pre-season.

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