Team behind ETERNAL SPARK: Unique Yacht Design

Özgün Yacht Design, established in Antalya in 2010 by Emrecan Özgün, initially provided naval architecture and engineering for luxury yachts. Shortly after its inception, the studio began working on one of Turkey's grandest yachts. By 2013, with the expansion of its design team, the studio introduced exterior yacht design services under its brand name, Unique Yacht Design, aiming to present striking and practical yacht concepts.

The studio received accolades at the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2014 for the best Yacht Concept Design over 30 metres. They were also finalists at the ShowBoats Design Awards from 2016 to 2018 for yachts such as the 63m İrimari, 46m Giaola-Lu, and 48m Nerissa.

2015 saw Unique Yacht Design unveiling an 80-metre Bilgin-made yacht, the largest of its kind in Turkey. Named Tatiana, she was launched and handed over to her owner in 2019. Following this success, the studio embarked on designing an even larger 85-metre Bilgin, set to be Turkey’s most substantial yacht ever.

unique yacht design log

As Turkey’s leading yacht design studio, Unique Yacht Design has crafted imaginative and tailored motor yachts ranging from 30-85 metres and beyond. They’ve solidified their status as premier exterior designers and naval architects in the global superyacht industry. Distinctively, they provide end-to-end services from initial sketches to the yacht’s launch.

Today, Unique Yacht Design stands testament to the belief that aesthetics, efficiency, and luxury can coexist seamlessly.

Unique Yacht Design and Eternal Spark

At the forefront of luxury yacht architecture is Unique Yacht Design, a firm renowned for creating not just vessels, but floating masterpieces. Collaborating with Turkey’s premier yacht builder, Bilgin Yachts, they have once again proven their mettle with the launch of their latest project: ETERNAL SPARK, a 50-meter 499 GT superyacht.

In a realm where opulence is standard, Unique Yacht Design consistently elevates its offerings beyond the conventional. Over the years, they have built a reputation for innovative designs that seamlessly blend form, function, and finesse. Eternal Spark yacht, in this regard, is no exception.

eternal spark yacht layout

With a length of 50 meters, ETERNAL SPARK epitomizes elegance and uniqueness. Collaborating with Bilgin Yachts, the esteemed shipbuilding experts, Unique Yacht Design brought their vision to life with unmatched craftsmanship.

Known for their superior engineering and precision, Bilgin Yachts provided the ideal manufacturing prowess to complement UYD’s ground-breaking design.

Eternal Spark’s exterior showcases a sleek, streamlined silhouette, a signature style of Unique Yacht Design. The design firm skilfully employed its unique architectural approach to optimize space utilization, with expansive decks offering panoramic views of the sea. T

he vessel’s exterior is wrapped in a minimalist colour palette, which brings out the subtle elegance of its bold, geometric lines.

Also, no detail was overlooked in creating ETERNAL SPARK’s leisure and entertainment facilities. The yacht boasts a vast sun deck, complete with a hot tub, dining area, and lounge space. An innovative beach club at the stern serves as an effortless entry point for water sports or a relaxing platform for guests to soak in the surroundings.

The man behind the dream

In the early 2000s, Emrecan Özgün began his journey at ITU’s Naval Architect and Marine Engineering Department. He took on significant roles as a design coordinator and project manager in top Turkish shipyards. With his engineering expertise, he adeptly tackled intricate design challenges.

After acquiring substantial experience, Emrecan Özgün founded “Özgün Yacht Design” in 2010 to cater to the design and engineering needs of luxury yachts.

Mr. Özgün’s combination of professionalism and affability has made him a widely respected figure in the industry. By merging aesthetics and engineering, he, along with a skilled team of engineers, architects, and designers, crafts some of the world’s most exquisite yachts under the brand name, Unique Yacht Design.

Unique Yacht Design Services

    Sketches, colours, drawings, and visions capture client desires and pave the way for a yacht’s creation.
    The intersection of water and air is where true engineering unfolds; Unique Yacht Design understands the necessary computations and plans that transform a captivating concept into the dream yacht.
    The foundational structure ensures the yacht is built as envisioned – Unique Yacht Design`s engineering discipline solves the “largest puzzles in the world”
    Guiding the incorporation of intricate engineering components with impeccable craftsmanship.

The Future of Unique Yacht Design

The collaboration between Unique Yacht Design, Bilgin Yachts and Hot Lab on ETERNAL SPARK is a testament to the fusion of innovative design and superior craftsmanship. With this newest project, they have pushed the boundaries of luxury sea travel, charting a new course in the industry.

Eternal Spark bridge deck bow sundeck
With a design that echoes a confluence of style, substance, and eco-consciousness, this superyacht is more than just a testament to luxury—it’s a promise of unmatched seafaring experiences that last an eternity

ETERNAL SPARK is indeed a floating marvel that encapsulates UYD’s vision for bespoke luxury, Bilgin Yachts‘ manufacturing excellence, and a shared commitment to sustainability.

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