Have a Cocktail on Every Deck – Eternal Spark Yacht Bars

The bar experience aboard the Eternal Spark is an immersive journey that goes beyond an exploration of cocktails. It's an unforgettable voyage that encapsulates the spirit of the sea, the allure of companionship, and the thrill of the unexpected. Embark on this journey of flavours and experiences, where every sip, every laugh, and every shared moment becomes a treasured memory in the vast canvas of time.

Imagine – you are aboard the luxurious Eternal Spark yacht, swept by a gentle sea breeze, beneath the vast azure sky. Your surrounding is the open ocean, your ceiling the infinite sky, and your companion, an endless array of meticulously crafted beverages at the yacht bars of Eternal Spark yacht. The scene is not from a utopian dream but a reality aboard Eternal Spark yacht, where preparations are being made for a bar crawl quite unlike any you have ever experienced. Welcome aboard this floating paradise, where every nook unfolds a story, and every sip reveals a secret.

A New Drink at Each Bar

Every journey commences with a single step or in our case, a single sip. As the setting sun paints the sky with hues of oranges and purples, you start your voyage. Each of the five bars, ingeniously positioned from the beach club to the sundeck, encapsulates a unique character and vibe, embodied by their exclusive drink offerings.

Beach club bar on Eternal Spark yacht
Guests will enjoy a bespoke bar experience, even as they relax in the beach club. Here, a quaint wet bar will serve as a drink and snack station for charter guests spending time near the water.

At the beach club, you will indulge in a tropical mix that exudes the flavours of the surrounding azure sea and golden sands. Relax on the swimming platform while savouring a classic whiskey cocktail, an embodiment of the sophistication and grandeur that the deck exudes.

Or, you can talk to your charter crew about teasing your taste buds with an audacious cocktail that captures the boldness of Eternal Spark herself. Every bar is like a small beating heart of the vessel, offering a soothingly delightful beverage that mirrors the warmth of the natural surroundings.

Let your crew arrange movable sunloungers on the swimming platform, so your feet can touch the cooling sea, while you rejuvenate your spirit with a refreshing cocktail and the sun’s gentle rays caress your skin. Each drink, unique yet harmonious, marks a new chapter in your bar-hopping adventure.

A Challenge at Every Stop

Just as an unexpected wave invigorates the tranquillity of the sea, each bar on Eternal Spark yacht sets forth a challenge designed to enrich the overall experience. These challenges are varied, and engaging, and serve to infuse a lively energy into the atmosphere. These might be trivia games testing your knowledge of the drinks you are tasting or more action-oriented tasks that involve a scavenger hunt through the yacht.

eternal spark yacht sundeck bar
The sundeck bar usually turns out to be the busiest of all bars, because charter guests usually prefer elevated alfresco lounging, and the vicinity of the jacuzzi and the concealed BBQ station make it a guest favorite.

If it is a “pub quiz” type of game, you might play that for every wrong answer, you must drink one drink. Each challenge not only adds a layer of excitement but also opens up avenues for bonding, creating lasting memories, and infusing laughter into the otherwise serene elegance of the yacht’s ambience. They serve as a reminder that life, much like the sea, is full of surprises, making every sip and every moment on the yacht a memorable adventure.

Gaming on the Waves: A Unique Charter Party Experience

Eternal Spark yacht is not merely about passive enjoyment but active engagement. Each bar, beyond serving diverse cocktails and snacks, acts as a stage for a variety of entertaining games. These games, tailored to the charter party, could range from sophisticated card games and contests to energizing karaoke nights and dance-offs.

Eternal Spark sky lounge interior cinema and bar
The sky lounge bar will primarily be used to bolster the viewing experience of guests enjoying a movie in the sky lounge cinema.

These engaging games, when coupled with the atmospheric settings of nearby bars, create a uniquely immersive experience. They transform your journey from a simple bar crawl to an adventure that fosters friendship and merriment among the guests. It’s a showcase of joy that transcends the physical boundaries of the yacht and seeps into the hearts of everyone aboard.

The glass is always half-full on Eternal Spark

Eternal Spark, besides its boundless leisure offerings, provides a unique bar-hopping experience. Emulating what some guests might know under the name “Bar crawl” or “Pub crawl”, the crew aboard Eternal Spark will always want to create a unique experience for her guests. This means that every bar will hide a different challenge, alongside a bespoke drink that will make each stop memorable and unique.

Dress casually and take advantage of the fact that Eternal Spark yacht has more bars and more potential for fun with your charter party than a whole street in some nearby coastal town. Without having to leave the yacht, the charter crew will behave as barmen and as entertainment, making sure guests have the most unforgettable experience.

eternal spark yacht main deck aft bar
The main deck aft bar`s main purpose is to welcome guests stepping aboard Eternal Spark for the first time. By serving refreshing drinks at the bar and the lounge area on the main deck aft, charter guests can soak in the atmosphere of this incredible yacht, before going on a comprehensive tour of her decks.

Five Stars of Inebriation: Bars on Eternal Spark

Now, let us explore the reason why there are five bars on Eternal Spark yacht. The first and main reason is that a wide choice of bars offers an experience parallel to a metropolitan bar crawl, yet with a touch of luxury that only a super-yacht can provide. The wet bars on the main deck aft, upper deck aft, sundeck, and beach club, along with the lounge bar in the sky lounge, exude unique atmospheres that can be transformed into one of many unique yacht experiences.

Every bar, adorned with comfortable bar stools, invites guests to unwind over their drinks, except the beach club bar which offers a laid-back, beachy atmosphere. The sundeck bar even boasts a concealed BBQ near it, providing a gastronomic delight to accompany your choice of drink, thus adding another layer of sensory pleasure to your bar crawl experience.

Locating Luxury: Yacht bars of Eternal Spark yacht

The bars on Eternal Spark yacht, strategically positioned, offer a unique ambience. The beach club bar provides a casual, relaxing atmosphere amidst the raw, untamed beauty of the sea. The main deck aft alfresco bar area, situated on the starboard side, is where elegance meets the panoramic view of the surrounding waterscape.

The moment you set foot on the main deck aft, you are instantly transported into the ambience of a cosy lounge because the first sight guests usually see is the main deck aft bar, as the gangway provides direct access to the yacht.

And, this is the primary purpose of the main deck aft bar, to greet guests arriving on Eternal Spark yacht for the first time; the full potential of the main deck aft bar is only unleashed when the guests relax on the main deck aft and settle down with refreshing drinks, before initiating their charter adventures. In addition to this, it serves a secondary role, providing assistance to the beach club bar and the main deck interior salon.

The upper deck aft alfresco area, on the port side, is a tranquil retreat where the sea and the sky seem to coalesce at the horizon. Inside, the sky lounge bar offers a cosy, indoor retreat from the elements, while the sundeck bar allows you to soak in the sun’s warmth while you savour your drink. Each bar, with its unique setting and ambience, marks a waypoint in your journey, connecting you with the elemental beauty of the sea and sky, making the Eternal Spark bar crawl a truly transformative experience.

The bar experience aboard the Eternal Spark is an immersive journey that goes beyond an exploration of cocktails. It’s an unforgettable voyage that encapsulates the spirit of the sea, the allure of companionship, and the thrill of the unexpected. Embark on this journey of flavours and experiences, where every sip, every laugh, and every shared moment becomes a treasured memory in the vast canvas of time.

Book Eternal Spark yacht today and embrace a different kind of “bar-experience” – one that revolves around creating a sense of fun and excitement. Try different drinks, laugh with your friends, learn interesting mixology recipes, enjoy the comfort and luxury of Eternal Spark and learn the most important lesson – the glass is ALWAYS half-full.

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