The Team Behind your Perfect Charter Vacation Aboard Eternal Spark

We present to you ten esteemed professionals, handpicked to ensure unparalleled expertise in their respective roles. This crew is a powerhouse of technical prowess, with each member bringing a wealth of expertise that extends far beyond their job descriptions, reflecting a commitment to excellence in every aspect of yacht operation. Meet the team poised to create an extraordinary charter experience for you!

Chief Officer
Chief Stewardess
2nd Stewardess
3rd Stewardess
Chief Engineer
Mark Everard

Captain Mark Everard’s extensive experience and passion for the sea make him the perfect leader to guide ETERNAL SPARK into a bright charter future.


Following in his father’s footsteps, Mark’s love for sailing began at a young age. He spent his formative years on the water, competing in regattas and gaining valuable experience. While a brief landlubber stint led him to become a Land Rover salesman, the call of the sea proved too strong. He returned to the water, earning his Yachtmaster qualification and becoming a water sports instructor.


Mark’s yachting career began in earnest in 2003, starting with motor yachts in Spain and transitioning to sailing yachts that explored exotic destinations like the Indian Ocean, Caribbean, and Pacific Northwest. His desire to be closer to home led him back to the Mediterranean and motor yachts. Over the years, he has captained numerous yachts, overseeing several new builds in Turkey, Italy, and the UK.


Mark recognizes the importance of a strong crew for a successful charter yacht. He carefully selects individuals who are not only qualified but also compatible, fostering team spirit through shared living quarters, group outings, and even—though some crew members may disagree—mornings gym sessions.


Captain Mark Everard’s leadership, experience, and collaborative approach position him and ETERNAL SPARK for a remarkable journey.

Chief Officer
Adam Brown

After a decade as a firefighter, Adam’s role teaching firefighting to seafarers sparked his interest in yachting. Leveraging his lifelong connection to the sea, honed through sailing, water sports, and lifeboat volunteering, he joined the yachting industry in 2016.


Adam quickly rose through the ranks, starting as a deckhand and advancing to mate within a year.


A pivotal moment in Adam’s career was meeting Captain Mark Everard in 2016. Over the years, they have worked together on multiple yachts, including new builds, refits, and established vessels. Their mutual respect, strong communication, and collaborative approach make them a formidable team.


Adam’s role as Chief Officer on ETERNAL SPARK allows him to utilize his experience on new builds and refits.


Adam is particularly impressed by ETERNAL SPARK’s expansive exterior spaces, which he believes will be a major draw for charter guests. He is meticulous in selecting water toys, ensuring a diverse range of options that cater to various interests and skill levels.


Adam is confident that ETERNAL SPARK is perfectly suited for the Mediterranean charter market. Her size allows for easy access to marinas and diverse itineraries, catering to guests who prefer city-hopping or secluded bay exploration. The additional capabilities of the chase boat further expand the possibilities for adventure.


Adam’s extensive experience, collaborative spirit, and dedication to guest experience make him a valuable asset to the ETERNAL SPARK team. His leadership skills and innovative approach to water toy integration position him and ETERNAL SPARK for great success in the yachting industry.

Chief Stewardess
Caroline Ashworth

Caroline’s adventurous spirit led her to the yachting industry at the age of 26. Over the past six years, she has steadily climbed the ranks, working on yachts of various sizes and gaining valuable experience. For the past three years, she has thrived in the role of Chief Stew.


Caroline values experience, teamwork, and a shared passion for hospitality, all of which contribute to exceeding guest expectations. She is committed to providing each guest with a unique and unforgettable experience. This goes beyond exceptional service.


What truly excites Caroline about ETERNAL SPARK is her unique role from the very beginning. She is particularly impressed by the stunning interior design and knows it will leave a lasting impression on guests. She is eager to share ETERNAL SPARK’s beauty and provide exceptional service throughout each charter.


Caroline’s leadership skills, dedication to detail, and passion for creating unforgettable experiences make her a perfect fit for the role of Chief Stew on ETERNAL SPARK. Her experience, combined with her collaborative spirit and enthusiasm, position her well for a successful yachting career.

2nd Stewardess
Natalie Archer

After two years of working remotely during the pandemic, she craved a new challenge and took a leap of faith into the yachting industry.


Despite limited yachting experience, Natalie’s love for travel led her to pursue this new path. She quickly obtained her qualifications and found her first yachting job within just two weeks of arriving in Europe.


As a Second Stewardess, Natalie thrives in a collaborative environment. She enjoys learning from her superiors and sharing her knowledge with fellow crew members. Her dedication to exceptional guest service is evident in her desire to go the extra mile and exceed expectations.


Natalie’s greatest strength is her ability to read people and cater to their needs. This, combined with her positive attitude and willingness to help, makes her a valuable asset to any team.


Eternal Spark is Natalie`s first new build and she finds the entire experience incredibly rewarding, particularly to have a say in shaping the guest experience from the ground up.


The size and layout of ETERNAL SPARK appeals to Natalie. With her well-designed interior and inviting atmosphere, she believes the yacht offers the perfect balance of intimacy and space for both guests and crew.


Natalie Archer is a stewardess with a passion for service and a genuine love for the yachting lifestyle. Her adaptability, positive attitude, and dedication to guest satisfaction make her a perfect fit for the crew of ETERNAL SPARK.

3rd Stewardess
Amber Robles

Amber Robles brings her military discipline and love for luxury to her role as Third Stew on ETERNAL SPARK.


After military service, Amber’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to launch a beauty business. However, the allure of yachting proved too strong, and she set her sights on a new adventure on the high seas.


One of the aspects Amber loves most about her job is creating cocktails. Her favourite is a Mojito, but she enjoys experimenting with variations like raspberry or “skinny” versions to cater to different preferences.


The fully-equipped wet bars on ETERNAL SPARK provide Amber with the perfect platform to showcase her cocktail-making talents and ensure guests enjoy refreshing drinks throughout their charter.


What truly excites Amber about ETERNAL SPARK is her sleek, modern design. She is confident that every detail, both inside and out, has been meticulously crafted to create an unforgettable experience for guests.


Amber sees her time on ETERNAL SPARK as a valuable opportunity for professional development. Working on a larger yacht with a smaller interior team will allow her to gain experience in various areas and strengthen her overall skillset.


Chief Engineer
Adam Howard-Smith

Adam’s path to becoming a Chief Engineer on a yacht is anything but ordinary. After a technical apprenticeship, he spent years in London fixing AC systems for major buildings. A spontaneous decision to run a bar in Spain with his brother opened the door to the yachting world. Customers involved in yacht racing sparked his interest, and soon Adam found himself on his first yachting job.


Adam’s background equips him perfectly for his role. His experience includes maintaining and repairing complex mechanical systems, troubleshooting problems, and performing routine maintenance. He understands the importance of preventative maintenance and takes a disciplined approach to keeping everything running smoothly.


Adam recognizes that successful yacht operation relies on teamwork. He collaborates closely with other crew members, from deckhands to captains, to maintain a seamless guest experience. Effective communication and a willingness to help are his guiding principles.


The yacht’s well-designed layout, with easy access to guest areas for maintenance, is a huge advantage for Adam. He is enthusiastic about the potential of new technologies, like AI-driven maintenance software, to improve efficiency and further enhance his role.


Adam’s dedication to his profession goes beyond his current duties. He actively seeks out training and stays updated on the latest advancements in the yachting industry. This ensures he can leverage the newest technologies to keep ETERNAL SPARK running smoothly and efficiently.

Mike Adams

I have vas experience in the yacht industry. Having spent 8 years on yachts ranging from 25m/80ft to 61m/200ft, within the deck and engineering departments.


I am an exceptional dedicated person and love to work with people of all cultures and backgrounds. I have the ability to work hard, remain focused, but also bring a sense of humour.

Connor Hughes

Connor Hughes, a young man from Kent, England, brings a unique blend of youthful enthusiasm and yachting experience to his role as a deckhand on ETERNAL SPARK.


Connor’s love for the sea stems from his childhood spent on family-owned yachts. This experience fostered a passion for yachting and ignited his interest in a career on the superyachts.


Connor’s yachting career has provided a platform to combine his professional duties with his passion for photography. The breathtaking locations and diverse cultures he encounters fuel his creative spirit and allow him to capture stunning visuals.


While confident in his abilities, Connor prioritizes actions over boasting. He believes his dedication and drive will allow his work ethic to shine through, making him a valuable asset to the ETERNAL SPARK crew.


Through his photography and videography, Connor strives to convey the true essence of the yachting experience. He focuses on capturing the beauty of the locations, the unique features of ETERNAL SPARK, and the atmosphere onboard.


Connor acknowledges the demanding nature of deckhand duties. He maintains a healthy balance by prioritizing his work responsibilities while seizing opportunities to capture the yacht’s unique features and stunning surroundings during downtime.


Among ETERNAL SPARK’s many impressive features, the expansive beach club with its swim platform, sauna, and ice fountain is what most excites Connor. He recognizes the appeal this space holds for guests who enjoy water sports.


Connor’s youthful enthusiasm, dedication to his craft, and passion for photography make him a valuable addition to the ETERNAL SPARK crew. His eagerness to learn and willingness to work hard position him well for a successful future in the yachting industry.

Matthew Cox

Attracted by the variety of challenges offered by the industry, Matthew feels like yachting is his calling.


His professionalism, drive and reliability are attributes that have helped him develop a solid foundation in the industry so far. Matthew has found fulfilment in extensive navigation and witnessing his efforts being appreciated by guests.